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Our company established in 1984. We are an experienced company with good quality and best service. The main project is the production of various wooden products such as V-grooved Panel Board, Laminated Board, Wood Molding set, Wood Shelf set …. etc for interior decoration, building material and household. The usages include wall or ceiling cover/decoration, pole or column cover/decoration, furniture finishing (such as cabinet, closet, cupboard, wardrobe…etc.).
Our raw materials are from Europe, North America and Taiwan local area.
Moreover, all of our products must be made in Taiwan. This is the guarantee of quality.

We also accept OEM or ODM business. We have an excellent team that develops new products and technologies. Our staffs also have 10 to 20 years of rich production experience.
We are the Export, Import and Manufacture. We have good experience on many fields due to our products are diversified. Our products sell out to all over the world.
Pursuit of innovation and guardian of tradition is our goal, a positive attitude & dedicated service is our purpose, let us become your best partner.
For your needs, we can provide the most appropriate products and the most perfect service in all respects.

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