Red Oak veneer top Flexible Wood Panel Board for pole and wall decoration

Multipurpose flexible wood panel boards, interior wood paneling,  wood panel wall, wood wrap,timber panel

• Flexible wood panel board can be used for decoration of interiors, cabinets, pole and columns.

• Flexible wood panel board combined with solid wood molding can be used for pole/post/pillar/column decoration.

• Flexible wood panel board can be freely cut and combined according to the favorite pattern.

Red Oak veneer top Flexible Wood Panel Board for pole and wall decoration

Flexible Red Oak Wood Panel Board to Cover Art Walls, Curved Walls or round pole by DIY


Are you seeking a transformative solution to bring your art walls, curved walls or round pole to life Look no further! Our flexible Red Oak wood panel boards offer an innovative approach to elevate the aesthetics of your space and create an artistic masterpiece.

Imagine the possibilities when you have the freedom to shape and mold wood to fit any curve or contour effortlessly. With our flexible Red Oak wood panel boards, you can create awe-inspiring art walls, cover curved walls or pole wraps with ease. The flexibility of our Red Oak wood panels allows for seamless application, resulting in a visually striking and captivating display.

Whether you’re an artist showcasing your work or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of art, our panels provide the ideal canvas for your creative expression. The strong reinforced support textile backing ensures a reliable adhesive advantage, guaranteeing that our panels will remain securely in place.

Multipurpose flexible Red Oak wood panel boards for interior wood paneling, wood panel wall, wood wrap, timber panel are all suitable.

Data sheet
Code No.                                     CY287-01
Size                                              4ft x 8ft
Thickness                                     3 mm
V-groove                                     13 mm
Structures                                   Top Layer: Red Oak veneer/ Middle Layer: MDF board/ Bottom Layer: Kraft Paper
Uses                                             Wall, ceiling, pole or column covering
Made                                           taiwan



1- Easy installation with ordinary glue by DIY.

2- Width and height might to be trimmed to fit exact dimension.

3- If with veneer top, it can be stained or painted for to match the interior decoration.

4- It can completely fit the decorative shape due to with V-groove.

5- It is an environment-friendly product due to the MDF board is made of recycled wood material

This product is Made in Taiwan

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