Flexible Wood Panel Board for Wall and Pole Covering

The flexible panel board with v-grooved is used for wall/ceiling/inner column/basement reinforcement column/support column covering and home decoration, wood panel , wood panel wall,  interior wood paneling, wood wrap

• The flexible panel board with Red Oak veneer top can be used for DIY interior decoration design, cabinet decoration, home furnishing Decoration, modeling siding, furniture, reinforcement column, support column covering and decoration.

Usage: wall / ceiling / pole / column covering

Code No. CY287-01

Size: 3MM X 4 feet X 8 feet

Red Oak Wood Veneer top Flexible wood Panel Board for covering, wood panel , wood panel wall,  interior wood paneling, wood wrap


Flexible Red Oak wood panel boards in three layers with V-grooved or fluted slats design for wall paneling, pole wraps, interior decoration and furniture surface covers


Data sheet
Code No                                  CY287-01
Size                                          4 ft x 8 ft
Thickness                                3 mm
V-grooved                              13 mm
Structures                              Top-Red Oak veneer / middle-MDF board / down-kraft paper
Applications                           Wall, ceiling, pole or column coverings

Made                                      Taiwan



• Easy installation with normal glue by DIY.
• Width and height might to be trimmed to fit exact dimension.
• If with veneer top, it can be stained or painted for to match the interior decoration.
• It can completely fit the decorative shape due to with V-groove.
• It is an environment-friendly product due to the MDF board is made of recycled material.

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